When a bathroom is done right, it can make daily living a delight.   Bathrooms, where some of the most intimate and personal moments are spent, what features can be upgraded to make your bathroom both visually and sensually pleasing.

In my upcoming post on spa showers, we will explore some amazing technologies that truly create the spa feel.  But for now, I hope you will consider your shower drain.

It is quite surprising that when discussing shower hardware, the drain is seldom discussed, as if there is one drain that comes with your shower and that’s it.  It is usually that round one that sits dead centre or centred to one side.  Many people do not even know that the options are as varied as they actually are.  The basic styles are linear grates, floor grates, and tile insert grates.  Within these styles are many attractive options.

Certainly, drains do more than simply look pretty – the good ones are those that deliver both style and function.