Those who have worked with us know that we love sourcing unique, quality materials so that our customers have an array of choices.  After-all, most people would want their home to be unique and concrete floorscustom to them, and their taste.  Having a high-end remodel that looks like your neighbors hi-end remodel is, well, boring and not unique.

Nothing enhances the wow factor of a home more than the flooring.  This is where we like home owners to spend some time and explore the options.

If asked about the flooring options for a home, most people will say ceramic tile, hardwood or carpet.  These are the standards that we have gotten used to. There are some new options and interesting variations with the existing categories, check out the following three 3:

Concrete Flooring:  Here is an option we really like.  Although cement tiles have been around since at least the 1800’s, they have been more popular and widely used in Europe.  Why we like them is, they are customizable.  If you don’t see a color or pattern you like, they are easy to make a custom set for your renovation.  In fact, this can truly be a feature that exists nowhere else, just your home.  There is a different feel to concrete.  There is no fear of slipping, not even when wet.   This is important, especially if you have children running about.

Bamboo Flooring: This is a durable, attractive alternative to hardwood.  You can tell the difference immediately between bamboo and hardwood when you walk into a room with this as flooring.   Although it may not be for every room and hallway, it is an excellent choice for bedroom and home office floors and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Wood Block Flooring:  When we saw this, we weren’t sure what we were looking at.  Was this original to the house?  It looked so awesome.  We was told it was Wood Block flooring.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  Wooden blocks, new or recovered, are cut across the grain, equal thickness per block.  Some blocks can be square or rectangle, what ever you decide and placed together across the floor-space.  The entire space is sanded and stained.  The floor that we saw deliberately left small variances in the thickness every now and then under a high varnish.  Beautiful.