Basement Reno-Old Orchard

This was a partial basement renovation, where we installed DRICORE® subfloor, sound-proof ceiling, pot lights, vinyl flooring and pocket door to the laundry area (unfinished  section). Our customer was complaining about the noise level in the basement due to walking and other movement above. We constructed a

Hardwood Flooring-Varcoe1

This is engineered hardwood flooring put down in a brand-new house. It’s very common for buyers to opt out of the builder’s upgrade and just install carpeting (temporary). After the house has been purchased they then will go ahead and install the flooring of choice at a

Basement Bathroom-Oban

Our client was not happy with their existing bathroom because the shower was too small and restrictive and the lighting needed to be upgraded. They wanted to rip out the whole thing and build something new and more functional. After some discussion and pooling of ideas, we

Basement Bathroom-Kirkland

Basement bathrooms can be a real plus in the overall functionality of a home. Our client was interested in getting her entire basement done, but opted on doing the bathroom first, due to budget limitations. We were happy to work with her to get the job done

Recyled Kitchen

All the cabinets in this kitchen are recycled. We first drafted up the floor plan and simply added the various components to get a nice functional layout. The end result, as you can see, is a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional with eight 6″ pot-lights

It’s the Little Things

When a bathroom is done right, it can make daily living a delight.   Bathrooms, where some of the most intimate and personal moments are spent, what features can be upgraded to make your bathroom both visually and sensually pleasing. In my upcoming post on spa showers, we

In Floor Heating

Is it necessary?  Some would argue “yes!” For those that live north of Texas, cold weather is a fact of life.  Those cold floors on your feet can have you running for slippers.  But when you are thinking of renovating your bathroom or kitchen, or doing a

Flooring Materials

Those who have worked with us know that we love sourcing unique, quality materials so that our customers have an array of choices.  After-all, most people would want their home to be unique and custom to them, and their taste.  Having a high-end remodel that looks like